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Cities: Skylines – 24-Meter (3 Tile) 4-Lane W/ Parking

24-meter (3 tile) 4-lane w/ parking for Cities: Skylines

NOTICE: There will be some glitches. Known issues:

1. Just like the one-tile narrow roads in NEXT2, use the shift key to make the grid align to this 3-tile network.

2. The node is from the base Large Road with Trees. The road width is the same as that large road. You will see some clipping, especially at T and askew intersections. This is a low priority to fix because of the time involved and that the network was designed for built-up areas where buildings cover the clipped terrain anyway.

Credits: zmappersc4

Download Cities: Skylines – 24-Meter (3 Tile) 4-Lane W/ Parking - Download Link #1


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