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Cities: Skylines – 2 Lane 2 Way – Tram Road

2 Lane 2 Way – Tram Road for Cities: Skylines


Moin folks !

And another finished road … 😉
This one is a road to “complete” the set. It´s almost the same as the vanilla 2 way tram road, but
all meshes are completely redone from scratch.

About the Road
  • 1 car lane per side
  • 1 parking lane per side (slightly wider compared to the vanilla version)
  • markings to separate the parking lane from the drive lane
  • bus and tram stops (with individual markings)
  • new mesh (compared to the vanilla version)
  • new textures (compared to the vanilla version)
  • stops at the elevated segment
  • rendered tunnels

Credits: clus

Download Cities: Skylines – 2 Lane 2 Way – Tram Road - Download Link #1


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