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Cities Skylines – 1937 Stalinka [Rico]

1937 Stalinka [Rico] mod for Cities Skylines.

Two-storey, two-entrance residential building of the Stalinist period.
Houses built in the USSR are usually called by the name of the leader under whom these houses were built: stalinkas, brezhnevkas, Khrushchevs. And the Stalinists in this series are the most interesting from the point of view of architecture. This period covers more than twenty years: then, urban planning plans were adopted, which determined the appearance of many cities in the post-Soviet space.
Construction was started in Krasnodar. The main period of “Stalinist” development is from the late 1930s to the mid-1950s.
This building was erected in 1937 in Pavlovsky Posad near Moscow. It was intended for families of garment factory workers.

Credits: eligios

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