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Cities: Skylines – 1-Lane Highway

1-Lane Highway for Cities: Skylines

This is an old 1-Lane Highway with very light asphalt and double yellow line.

– Ground level
– Elevated

Not supported
– Tunnel (you can use Ronyx’s tunnel entrance props to cover the vanilla ones)
– Bus Stop (C’mon coaches don’t stop on highways )
– Railroad Crossing (you can use asphalt plane to cover the gap between road and tracks)

Known bugs
Please consider that this type of road does not exist in the vanilla game version, so I haven’t been able to fix all the “bugs” and I admit that the road isn’t 100% perfect.
– There’s a thin strip on the side of the road that generates a glitchy effect when moving the camera. Anyway this annoying flickering effect ends after 1/2 seconds.
– Since I wanted to create a very old road, I’ve used a light asphalt textures; this may be in contrast with the default asphalt textures at crossroads and junctions. I suggest to use decals for a smoother transition.

Model info:
– “Highway” template
– Network based
– Custom LOD
– Model created with 3DSMax.

Credits: DieHardHunter

Download Cities: Skylines – 1-Lane Highway - Download Link #1


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