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Chesapeake & Ohio EMD F7 Transport Fever 2

‘Covered Wagons’, or ‘The diesel that did it’, the F7 is America’s most recognizable locomotive by a country mile.

Stats for Nerds
Top Speed: 102 MPH
Power: 1500 HP (each)
Tractive Effort: 178 kN
Weight: 124 tons
Available: 1949-1960

History behind this skin:

Chesapeake & Ohio – #8016 was used in scenic excursion service on the Potomac Eagle scenic railway in Romney, WV. The last appearance this locomotive made in the C&O colors was at the Streamliners Event in Spencer, NC where over 20 Streamlined Diesels and one very special steam locomotive were put on display for the public.

After the event, it was announced that the C&O 8016 F3 diesel, owned by the Chesapeake & Ohio historical society had sold the locomotive to a private buyer. It remained a mystery until October 2017 where the 8016 went.

CSX had unveiled it painted the locomotive in the Clinchfield grey paint scheme, erasing the last remaining Perre Marquette style C&O paint scheme F unit from history. It was a fictional scheme as that locomotive never officially wore that scheme, but it was pleasant to the eye.

CSX later unveiled that the Clinchfield 800 would be the star for its Santa Train going forward. Thus an end of an era for C&O 8016.

This skin is to honor the memory of this diesel I had growing up as a kid when my late father took me to ride behind it in the mid 90’s. I hope everyone enjoys this locomotive skin as much as I have had making it.

If you like my skins, please consider a donation, I do this in my spare time and every little bit helps me continue to do more.

Credits: donoteat, NA4U

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