Call Of Duty 2

Call Of Duty 2 – Realism Pack V2.0

The cod 2 mod that makes the game more realistic. Improvement in existing weapon graphics and animations, improvement in soldier face graphics, change in soldier death animations, quick run function, change in weapons damage and kickback rates.

Colt 1911 – 45.acp pistol. There is a huge rebound but very strong.
Webley – Powerful 6 round big recoil weapon.
Tokarev TT – Standard Soviet pistol. Control is easier, but less powerful.
Walther P-38 – Statistics are similar Tokarev. The views are different.

Mauser Kar98k (covered) – 5 round rifles with very accurate and powerful bolt action.
Mosin-nagant (covered) – The biggest difference between this and Mauser is the views. To resemble others.
Lee-Enfield (covered) – fast, powerful and accurate with 10 round magazines. Sights are not the best though.
Springfield – US sniper rifle, 5 round magazines, simple, accurate, powerful.
NOTE: Mauser and Mosin without views cannot be reloaded until empty.

M1 garand – One liter less powerful and accurate than bolt action rifles, but 8 turns and semi-automatic. You cannot reload the magazine before the competition.
SVT-40 – Stronger M1 garand, but with larger recoil
G43 (covered) – almost the same as SVT-40, but different views
G41 – Similar to G43, but no magazines.
AVT-40 – Automatic version of SVT-40. Hard to control, big recoil, 15 laps magazines.
Stg-44 – Accurate, powerful and fully automated. In long bangs, control can be difficult.
FG-42 – Hard to control. Then the AVT-40 is better in almost every way. While reloading is slower, places aren’t the best for everyone.

Thompson M1A1 – Very powerful, but difficult to control due to a big retreat. It is also quite heavy.
Sten Mk II – The biggest advantage of this SMG is low weight and easy to control but not very accurate.
PPSh-41 – Recoil is good, but the speed of fire is so high that it makes it difficult to control it when shooting fully automatic. He is heavy. The best gun for cleaning rooms.
PPS-43 – Easy to control. No big advantages or disadvantages. This is universal SMG.
M3 Grease gun – Greater recoil and power, but easy to control as the rate of fire is low. Light.
MP-40 – Very easy to control. Low fever level. It is very easy to use.

Rifle gun – good for medium and short ranges. It’s easy to hit someone.

Bren – Good rate of fire, low recoil, very strong, but if you want to aim, you have to be prone, it is very heavy and has bad views.
NOTE – The BREN model is not perfect and use the middle of the center for targeting. Not places to see at the end of the weapon (they are on the right)
BAR – Bren better places, lower rate of fire and only 20 round magazines. Everything else is similar to BREN.
MG-42 – Great rate of fire. It is more difficult to control others. The heaviest machine gun, also the strongest

How To Install Cod 2 Realism Mod ?

  • Download the zip file from the download link.
  • Copy “.iwd” file to the Main folder in the main directory of the Game.
  • Start Game 🙂

it is necessary to download the files on other players for To use the mode in multiplayer game.

Credits: CZelednikov

Download Link #1


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