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Caffe Italia Cities Skylines

This one has been sitting mostly done in my queue since April. Finally had the time and patience to figure out a weird issue with the foundation.

This Caffè Italia asset takes inspiration from a cafe on Boul St-Laurent in Montreal. In 1985 a film was made about the Italian community in Montreal. This caffè, which opened in 1956, was so central to Italian life in the neighborhood that the film was simply named Caffè Italia.

A Yelp review from “Charles N” says it better than I could:

“Busy, loud, lively, fast, somewhat chaotic – that’s how I would describe Caffè Italia. A cafe that doesn’t try to pretend to be what it’s not and stays true to what it is – a historic icon where local patrons in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s+ drop in for their espresso, dunk their panettone, watch some sports, pay (cash) and then leave to carry on their day.

Open from 7am till 11pm this place just never seems to stop. Sitting at the bar you’ll often see an order of 10 or more cups that come all at once! Amazingly no words are exchanged between waiters and the Barrista. I was trying to decode the system, a combo of saucer, glass spoons and positions that minimizes the need to talk and focus on delivery! Spoon in cup means decaf, two spoons on plate is an allongé, spoon down is double shot, etc.

Tip: Don’t try to sit at the corner table unless you’re looking for dirty looks. This where the older italian men hang out to talk about soccer, politics and sometimes about weather.”

A building similar to others I have used in the collection. For this one I have made the brick paintable as white or an off-white grey would be very appropriate for this caffè.Background on Little Italy collection

This cafe is a community hub for my Little Italy collection. Future additions to the Little Italy Collection will likely focus more on storefront sign packs than recreating entire buildings.In-Game Information

1×3 Commercial Low
8M wide. Intended for Wall-to-Wall use.
Ploppable RICO enabled

Asset information;

Caffe Italia
Tris: 1,459
Texture: 1536×512 _d, _n, _s, _i, _c

Tris: 28
128×128 _d, _s, _i, _c

The CAFFE ITALIA sign is custom prop with its own LODs. Triangles are minimal since mesh is just rectangles. Sign has 1024×128 textures (64/32 LOD).

Credits: Gilded Age

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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