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Transport Fever – British Rail Class 58

British Rail Class 58 for Transport Fever. British Rail Class 58 Diesel locomotive, by killakanz Unlocks in 1983 This Co-Co diesel locomotive was designed for heavy freight, it’s design followed the American practice of modularisation. Nicknamed the ‘Bone’ by enthusiasts, 50 of them were built for British Rail. After British …

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Transport Fever – Norris 4-4-0 ‘Virginia’

Built by the Norris Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1842, this early example of the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement (known as ‘Eight-Wheelers’) proved to be a very capable passenger locomotive. Top Speed: 27 mph (44 km/h) Weight: 18 tons Power: 88 hp (65 kW) Tractive Effort: 5171 lbf. (23 kN) …

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Transport Fever – Alco PA – Pennsylvania

This mod adds an Alco PA/PB with Pennsylvania (PRR) livery for 4 eras: 1946-1952Dark green with gold leaf lettering, 5 stripes. 1952-1953Tuscan red with buff lettering, 5 stripes, Unit number on nose. 1953-1955Tuscan red with buff lettering, 5 stripes, PRR monogram on nose. 1955-1968Tuscan red with buff lettering, 1 stripe. …

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Transport Fever – Volvo Viking L485/N86

Volvo introduced the Viking in 1953. The truck had a payload capacity of up to 8 tonnes for the heaviest trailing axle versions. The Viking truck was very similar to the larger Titan model. Top speed: 80km/h Power: 112kW (L485) / 157kW (N86) Capacity: 16 (L485) / 20 (N86) Lifespan: …

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Transport Fever – On-board Camera Tool

Adds rail vehicles with different a on-board camera view from the game’s standard. 8 invisible vehicles that when positioned at the start of the train change the on-board/Cockpit camera view. It is intended as a tool for video makers, but others might also enjoy it. C1L – On the left, …

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