Transport Fever – USA Locomotives Assets

Default (vanilla) USA Locomotives as trackside assets. Perfect for engine yards and decorative railway museums. They are avalible for the same dates as the working locos and are free to place and have no upkeep costs. Some engines have options to show either temder or engine or both, and the …

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Transport Fever – Narrow Gauge Pack

Satisfy your need for the small and budget railway. Build in 1000mm Narrow Gauge. Transport your goods in itty bitty little carriages trough cities, towns and diverse landscape with this Modification. You’ll get matching passenger and cargo stations, incl. a depot for your vanilla trams and even some freight cars …

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Transport Fever – [UPDATE]-Locomotive Maintenance Platform

–The model is one of the <urban expansion project package> series. number: 014_part(B) , contains the following items: 01- locomotive maintenance platform (double-layer) 02-locomotive maintenance platforms (single) 03-catenary power supply -Available: < 1950 >. -Price = 500-2000 – Mod id: 281481002 —-UPDATE V1.1—— Modify the details of the model, modify …

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