Transport Fever – England And Wales 7K

A 7K map of England and Wales. Created with the intention to recreate the railways of Britain past and present. Over 130 towns, all of which were/are destinations of various railways. There is no industry on this map; it was designed for player-placed industry mods. Let me know your thoughts …

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Transport Fever – Map Pack: Alps

Map Pack: Alps is the 3rd map pack mod that i have released so far. WARNING: these maps have insane map sizes, so be sure that you have turned ‘experimentalMapSizes = true’ in the settings file, because otherwise these maps WILL NOT LOAD. even if you do have this turned …

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Transport Fever – Cadiz Bay

Large map of Cadiz and its metropolitan area. It’s very fun to play, as distances between towns vary from suitable for short to long routes, especially for trains. I strongly recommend to have the industry tycoon mod, since only two industries appear on this map at the beginning. I think …

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Transport Fever – The Serpent

This map was requested by a Steam friend, EmperorDarthSidious. I quote him as I have never played Locomotion but it sounds interesting… many thanks to EDS and of course Zimmlock, please enjoy ‘I used to play a lot of Transport Tycoon back in the old days and it’s spiritual successor, …

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