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western-turkey-520×245 0

Transport Fever – Western Turkey

Western Turkey with some industry. This is intended to work with the Industry Tycoon Mod. Cities are spread out, so it’s longer runs and more of a challenge. Enjoy 🙂 Map Size: 4097×4097 /...

cadiz-bay-520×245 0

Transport Fever – Cadiz Bay

Large map of Cadiz and its metropolitan area. It’s very fun to play, as distances between towns vary from suitable for short to long routes, especially for trains. I strongly recommend to have the...

the-serpent-520×245 0

Transport Fever – The Serpent

This map was requested by a Steam friend, EmperorDarthSidious. I quote him as I have never played Locomotion but it sounds interesting… many thanks to EDS and of course Zimmlock, please enjoy ‘I used...