Transport Fever – Terrain-Map

Can be used to apply detailed structures to existing terrain. —————————————– Step 1: Define the outline of the structure in ‘plan’ mode. Step 2: Select the desired structure and other parameters. Step 3: Click ‘Apply’ to create the structure. —————————————– WARNING: This tool can cause a heavy performance impact when …

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Transport Fever – Lakes

Can be used to create lakes. —————————————– Step 1: Set the surface height of the lake in ‘plan’ mode. Step 2: Specify desired shore and ground. Step 3: Create the lake with a click on ‘fill’. —————————————– Reset: Removes the current outline (if any exists) Hint: You need to place …

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Transport Fever – USA Locomotives Assets

Default (vanilla) USA Locomotives as trackside assets. Perfect for engine yards and decorative railway museums. They are avalible for the same dates as the working locos and are free to place and have no upkeep costs. Some engines have options to show either temder or engine or both, and the …

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Transport Fever – Streams

Can be used to create streams and rivers. —————————————– Step 1: Set the path of your river in ‘plan’ mode. Step 2: Select the desired width, depth and other parameters. Step 3: Dig the river with a click on ‘dig’. —————————————– Reset: Removes a planned river if exists. I am …

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Transport Fever – British Post & Phone Boxes

British Post Boxes and Telephone Box, as street waypoints and free placeable assets. Available: Various, first from 1870 Post Box (Penfold): 1870 – 1900 Post Box (Pillar): 1900 onwards Post Box (Lamp Box): 1952 onwards Telephone Box: 1935 onwards When placed as waypoints, they are hopefully positioned so pedestrians don’t …

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Transport Fever – [UPDATE]-Locomotive Maintenance Platform

–The model is one of the <urban expansion project package> series. number: 014_part(B) , contains the following items: 01- locomotive maintenance platform (double-layer) 02-locomotive maintenance platforms (single) 03-catenary power supply -Available: < 1950 >. -Price = 500-2000 – Mod id: 281481002 —-UPDATE V1.1—— Modify the details of the model, modify …

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Transport Fever – Painter

Info Unlike the initial Painter I edited from Farmer, this mod has been re-written for the most part. Therefore I’ve included all the textures from Farmer. This version of Painter has performance boosts for any points you plan after the first point (near instant), and also when clicking “Paint”. However, …

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