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Transport Fever – 2004 Audi S4 : Stock

                                                 MODIFICATION INFORMATION: Vehicle was converted from : Forza Motorsport 4. Mod has LOD0 ( 0 – 200 ) and LOD1 ( 200 – 800 ) , no driver like all other but i wanted...


Transport Fever – Bahnstation

Diese Modifikation fügt 4 neue Bahnstationen mit versetzten Bahnsteigen sowie mit einer dazwischen liegenden Straßenverbindung und einer Untergrundstation hinzu. Zur Zeit in der Betaphase ! Viel Spaß mit die Mod


Transport Fever – 40′ Wooden Reefers

Ice-cooled wooden reefers. Blaze it. Includes 6 skins (Pacific Fruit Express, Fruit Grower’s Express, Pennsylvania Railroad, Coors billboard, Land O’ Lakes URTC billboard, Quiroga & Co. NRCX billboard) plus one special BONUS SKIN which...


Transport Fever – ÖBB 1042/1142

The class 1042/1142 is a very reliable electric locomotive of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Delivered from 1963 onwards these locos were for a long time the most important supports of the electric traction...