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Best Mafia 2 Mods Download

Best Mafia 2 mods and Mafia The Lost City of Heaven, Mafia 3 mods download :


Mafia 2 – Fixed Camera Mod

Fixed Camera mod for Mafia2. Notes: This is a Lua script. You must have the Lua Injector installed to use it. Description: This Lua script freezes the game camera at the player’s current position, you can...


Mafia 2 – Noclip (Flying)

Noclip (Flying) mod for Mafia 2. This Lua script changes the players game position, move the player up, down, right, left, forward, backward. This mod is great for exploring and finding secrets around Empire...


Mafia 2 – BMW M5 E60

BMW M5 E60 car mod for Mafia 2. Hope you guys enjoy the mod and stay tuned for further updates- elias Hope you guys enjoy !

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Mafia 2 – Beta Flannel Jacket Mod

Beta Flannel Jacket mod for Mafia 2. This mod is a texture replacement for the original leather jacket. Since Vito was remodeled around 2008, they changed the beta flannel/checked jacket for the one we...

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Mafia 2 – Young Vito Outfit Mod

Young Vito Outfit mod for Mafia 2. This mod replace vitschool.sds texture with the one from the introduction cutscene. Mod by Realfreeman.

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Mafia II – Beta Map

Beta Map mod for Mafia II. This mod replace the current Empire Bay map with the beta map of Empire Bay in 1948. Install: Simply replace the “pc” folder in your Mafia II directory...

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Mafia 2 – Negan from The Walking Dead

Negan from The Walking Dead mod for Mafia 2. With this skin, Vito can dress like Negan from The Walking Dead. Installation: You need “Greaser Pack DLC”. Overwrite folders “dlcs” and “sds” inside “Mafia...

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Mafia 2 – IZH Planeta 5 Motorcycle Mod

IZH Planeta 5 Motorcycle mod for Mafia 1 and 2. The first working motorcycle for Mafia 2 and the Mafia series! Two versions of the installation (Add-on / Replace). This mod replaces the Desta...