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Best Mafia 2 Mods Download

flannel-jacket-mod 0

Mafia 2 – Beta Flannel Jacket Mod

Beta Flannel Jacket mod for Mafia 2. This mod is a texture replacement for the original leather jacket. Since Vito was remodeled around 2008, they changed the beta flannel/checked jacket for the one we...

young-vito-outfit 0

Mafia 2 – Young Vito Outfit Mod

Young Vito Outfit mod for Mafia 2. This mod replace vitschool.sds texture with the one from the introduction cutscene. Mod by Realfreeman.

mafia-2-beta-map-mod-001 0

Mafia II – Beta Map

Beta Map mod for Mafia II. This mod replace the current Empire Bay map with the beta map of Empire Bay in 1948. Install: Simply replace the “pc” folder in your Mafia II directory...

negan-from-the-walking-dead-007 0

Mafia 2 – Negan from The Walking Dead

Negan from The Walking Dead mod for Mafia 2. With this skin, Vito can dress like Negan from The Walking Dead. Installation: You need “Greaser Pack DLC”. Overwrite folders “dlcs” and “sds” inside “Mafia...

motorcycle-izh-planeta-5 0

Mafia 2 – IZH Planeta 5 Motorcycle Mod

IZH Planeta 5 Motorcycle mod for Mafia 1 and 2. The first working motorcycle for Mafia 2 and the Mafia series! Two versions of the installation (Add-on / Replace). This mod replaces the Desta...

mafia2-lara-croft-01 0

Mafia 2 – Lara Croft

It changes with Vito. Mafia 2 New women character Lara Croft. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER This mod requires the Friends For Life DLC. How To Install: Unzip the mod folder via 7-zip or winrar....

mafia-2-beta-mod 0

Mafia 2 – Beta Mod

Beta mod for Mafia 2. This mod replace the licence plate gun sounds and symbols to the old version of the game. Installation: drop the sds files weapons.sds:            ...

unlock-artworks 0

Mafia 2 – Unlock Artworks

Unlock Artworks for Mafia 2. Description: This is a Lua script. You must have the Lua Injector installed to use it. In This Mode You Can Unlock All Artworks & Play Boy Magazine .   For Donat send...