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mafia3-no-traffic 0

Mafia 3 – No Traffic Mod

No Traffic Mod(Script) for Mafia 3. This mod removes all cars and pedestrians from the game No more annoying traffic while racing! Since pedestrians are removed, you can drive safely on sidewalks. Original backup...

Invisible-Lincoln 1

Mafia 3 – Invisible Lincoln

Invisible Lincoln for Mafia 3. This script mod makes Lincoln Clay completely invisible. Press “F1” on your keyboard to activate this mod. Required ScriptHook Installation: Drag the file called “Invisible Lincoln” found in the mod’s...

custom-license-plate-mafia3 0

Mafia 3 – Custom License Plate

Custom License Plate mod for Mafia 3. Required ScriptHook Installation: Drag the file called “Custom License Plate” found in the mod’s .zip file to “D:Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia III/scripts (If you’re running a non-Steam version, drag...

mafia3-thedowntown-reshade 0

Mafia 3 – The Downtown Mafia Reshade

The Downtown Mafia Reshade mafia 3. The go-to Reshade Preset! Removes the awful blur effect, adjusts the colours to make it more realistic, and further increases the quality of the overworld. Go to downtown to...

mafia3-allweapon 0

Mafia 3 All Weapons Mod

This mod adds the ability to switch between all primary and secondary weapons by pressing K and L keys.

slimjim-mafia3 0

Mafia 3 – Slim Jim Mod

Slim Jim car break in tool, not the snack mod for Mafia 3. Unlocks the Slim Jim which lets you get into stolen cars quietly.