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Best Mafia 2 mods and Mafia The Lost City of Heaven, Mafia 3 mods download :


Mafia 3 – Lincoln Sleeve Tattoo – 2 Colors

Lincoln Sleeve Tattoo – 2 Colors mod for Mafia 3. Lincoln got а stylish sleeves tattoos (2 colors) for both hands Install: Replace “4238483006-he_basebody-b_scar.sds” in “Mafia III sds_retail combinables auto_unique”


Mafia3 – Brown Jacket Mod

Brown Jacket mod for Mafia 3. A simple brown jacket mod (Blue Genius outfit required -Faster Baby DLC) Brown retextured jacket and white t-shirt. Enjoy! Installation: Place the sds file to this location: Mafia III dlc...


Mafia3 – Shenmue Brown Jacket Mod

Shenmue Brown Jacket mod for Mafia 3. A shenmue inspired outfit mod for Mafia 3 (Blue Genius outfit required -Faster Baby DLC) I recolored the jacket brown with Ren art on the back and...


Mafia3 – Lincoln’s Black Jacket Mod

Lincoln’s Black Jacket mod for Mafia 3. I thought the black jacket was amazing but sadly his mod will not work for most people so I decided to make the necessary changes to revive...

punisher-default-outfit 0

Mafia 3 – Punisher Default Outfit Mod

Punisher Default Outfit mod for Mafia 3. This is my second mod, advance on the first one, fits the game and i hope the link works… (special thanks to discohouse57)/ Installation: replace “he_jacket_000_cs_he_jacket_000_cs.sds” in...

black-clothes-pack 0

Mafia 3 – Black Clothes Pack

Black Clothes Pack mod for Mafia 3. This mod makes Lincoln a “man in black.” Three shirts – hawaiian, t-shirt and sleeveless shirt – are painted black. You can replace only one of the...

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Mafia3-Resource Explorer

This tool allows you to replace any textures from Mafia III with any other textures Using this, you can make endless mods for clothing, hair, skin, audio, etc. ex: Change Mafia 3 title screen wallpaper...

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Mafia3 – Zombie Lincoln Clay

Zombie Lincoln Clay mod for Mafia 3. Installation: Unzip the mod folder via 7-zip or winrar. Place “1888069137-he_head_000-e_scar” at “D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique” (If you’re running a non-Steam version, drag it to your “/Mafia...

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Mafia 3 – Beta Mod

Beta mod for Mafia 3. This mod replace the current Empire Bay map with the beta map of Empire Bay in 1948. Installation: Simply replace the “pc” folder in your Mafia II directory with...