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mafia-3-beta-mod 0

Mafia 3 – Beta Mod

Beta mod for Mafia 3. This mod replace the current Empire Bay map with the beta map of Empire Bay in 1948. Installation: Simply replace the “pc” folder in your Mafia II directory with...

keep-calm-kill-mafia-t-shirt-mod 0

Mafia 3 – “Keep Calm & Kill Mafia” T-Shirt Mod

“Keep Calm & Kill Mafia” T-Shirt mod for Mafia 3. Add “Keep Calm & Kill Mafia” slogan on Lincoln’s t-shirt. Replaces standard t-shirt “on leave”. Installation: Replace “1431322681-he_shirt_003.sds” in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique”

military-jacket-001 0

Mafia 3 – Military Jacket Skin

Military Jacket Skin mod for Mafia 3. Adds a military skin to the Lincoln’s racing jacket. Installation: Replace “he_jacket_004_race_he_jacket_004_race.sds” in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto”

mafia3-millitary-jacket 0

Mafia 3 – Military jacket Mod

Military jacket Mod for Mafia 3. -Military skin for racing jacket “Pro-Am” Installation: -Replace “he_jacket_004_race_he_jacket_004_race.sds” in “Mafia III\sds_retail\combinables\auto”

joe-barbaro 0

Mafia 3 – Joe Barbaro

Joe Barbaro mod for Mafia 3. This mod lets you play as Joe Barbaro from Mafia 2, replaces the default outfit. Joe fucking Barbaro is fucking alive. He appears once in the ending of...

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Mafia 3 – Vito Scaletta

Vito Scaletta mod for Mafia 3. This mod lets you play as Vito Scaletta in Mafia 3! Comes with 3 different outfit replacements for Lincoln to play as Vito: “Combat/Default Outfit” – Vito w/...

lincoln-barbaro 0

Mafia 3 – Lincoln Barbaro

Lincoln Barbaro mod for Mafia 3. The bastard child of Joe Barbaro. I simply put the unused old Joe Barbaro textures onto Lincoln Clay’s face. I also made Lincoln Barbaro’s body white to match his...

beard-lincoln-clay 0

Mafia 3 – Beard Lincoln Clay Mod

Beard Lincoln Clay mod for Mafia 3. This mod adds a nice trimmed beard to Lincoln Clay and makes him look dapper & older. “Beard Lincoln” is an unused head texture from Mafia 3....