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free-camera-mod 1

Mafia 3 – Free Camera Mod

Free Camera Mod for Mafia 3. Description: This mod increases the time to enable auto-centering of the camera while driving. Now you can safely look around while driving. Update 1 .1 Now the mod also...

no-image 0

Mafia 3 – No Grind Mod

No Fucking Grind Mod for Mafia 3. This mod reduces the amount of damage needed in each area by 60%. Install: Put the contents of the archive in the folder with the game with...

save-game-1-sitdown 0

Mafia 3 – Save Game 1° Sitdown

Save Game 1° Sitdown for Mafia 3. In case you want to start the DLCs without having to play from the beginning 🙂 Install: just place folder in: C:Username/Appdata/Local/2K Games

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Mafia 3 – Save Game Different Location.

Save Game Different Location for Mafia 3. Save game for MAfia 3 different saves in 1 rar. EnD, kill the judge, kill tony derazio, my name is lincon clay, only way forward, rescue alaverz...

disable-police 0

Mafia 3 – Disable Police

Disable Police for Mafia 3. Install Mafia III Scripthook. Place in Mafia III/scripts folder. Press “k” to toggle. Changelog: V1 – Initial release.

no-traffic-mod 0

Mafia 3 – No Traffic Mod

No Traffic Mod for Mafia 3. This mod removes all cars and pedestrians from the game No more annoying traffic while racing! Since pedestrians are removed, you can drive safely on sidewalks Original backup file is...

roll-down-windows 0

Mafia 3 – Roll Down Windows Script

Roll Down Windows Script for Mafia 3. So, I decided to update the roll down windows script for Mafia 3. Turns out, they were the same functions! Minus some simplification of the exact function...

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Mafia 3 – Traffic Mod

Traffic Mod for Mafia 3. Mod increases the number of cars and pedestrians, as well as traffic flow speed. In the xml document the traffic constants have been increased. Installation: Place the mod file...