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Hearts of Iron IV – Extra

HoI4 Extra for Hearts of Iron IV What is this mod about? The purpose of this mod is to give the player a little extra technology, and a little more time to play with it. First thing’s first, I’ve extended the end game date to 1965. Second, this mod is …

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Hearts of Iron IV – The Road to 56 Expanded

The Road to 56 Expanded for Hearts of Iron IV Changed things: -New “reichskommissariats” with custom flags (for germany and soviet union) -New leaders -New graphics for equipment -New unit type – militia -Updated focus trees ( Germany, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia, Austria) -Added/changed focus trees (Spain, Liberia, Ethiopia, …

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Hearts of Iron IV – WW’s German Icons+ Unofficial 1.6 Patch

WW’s German Icons+ Unofficial 1.6 Patch for Hearts of Iron IV Selection of high command flags and standard for flavour or non-historical/outside-WW2 gameplay: Army C-in-C Chief of the Army General Staff Wehrmacht C-in-C Adolf Hitler Reichsführer-SS Reichswehrminister Kaiser Bundespräsident Inspector General of the Bundeswehr Army icons: Selection of flags and …

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Hearts of Iron IV – Hearts of Tropico Alpha

Hearts of Tropico Alpha for Hearts of Iron IV Now he is here, the only Person who could rule the World. Tropico as Playable Nation. -A new Nation -New Decisions -New Advisors -New pictures for equipment Because many people actually enjoy it i will keep making updates. I´m currently building …

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Hearts of Iron IV – Anime Mod Allstar

Anime_mod_allstar for Hearts of Iron IV ※Please read※ I use Google Translate because I do not know English. This mod is unfinished and will take time to complete. Your test play and feedback are important, so please cooperate. -v1.0 Add officers and voices to seven major countries -v1.1 Add officers …

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Hearts of Iron IV – Lenin’s Legacy

Lenin’s Legacy for Hearts of Iron IV This is an Alternative history mod where the Soviet Union won the Polish-Soviet war in 1920 and the Soviets managed to establish a friendly government in Poland with Dzierżyński in charge. Poland lost some of the western territories due to german expansion. When …

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