Category: Fallout 4


Fallout 4 – Blue TTSKO fatigues

Blue TTSKO fatigues for Fallout 4. Army fatigues in blue TTSKO pattern Not a classical camo, but done as a small favour to someone, hope they enjoy. But I’ll share it here too in...


Fallout 4 – Clear Hazmat Helmet

Clear Hazmat Helmet for Fallout 4. Tried to make a clear visor for the hazmat helmet, juste like flight helmets. As Fo4 doesn’t support transparency really well (All or nothing), it’s a bit harder...


Fallout 4 – Nanosuit recolors

Nanosuit recolors for Fallout 4. These are several recolors I’ve done so far for Vassteks Nanosuit. At this time I’ve not done the newly added gloves. There is also an optional file to add...


Fallout 4 – Standalone Nanosuit 1.2

Standalone Nanosuit for Fallout 4. ANOSUIT 1.2 by Vasstek FInally fixed!! sorry for the inconveniece Install: – Use Nexus Mod Manager or copy the file to Fallout4/Data folder How to get it in game:...


Fallout 4 – Military Caps Extended

Military Caps Extended for Fallout 4. This Mod only changes the military cap entry. It adds eight new re-textured military caps which you can get by upgrading a standard military cap at an armor...


Fallout 4 – Watchmen rorschach mask

Watchmen rorschach mask for Fallout 4. Rorschach “None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with *ME*!” I currently have no idea how to allow...