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Fallout 4 – Red Hood Outfit

Red Hood Outfit for Fallout 4. I’ve made a totally new version of Red Hood Outfit. The mask have Detect Life. This is a male clothing, if you wanna a female, maybe I can do this. If you want the version with the glowing thing in the mask, enter in …

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Fallout 4 – Mama Murphy’s Headwrap

Mama Murphy’s Headwrap for Fallout 4. This simply splits Mama Murphy’s existing outfit, which is called, “Beaded Blazer”, into two parts. The existing clothing item no longer includes the headwrap, which is moved to a new item called, “Beaded Headwrap”. The +1 Luck bonus from the original one-piece outfit is …

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Fallout 4 – Humanindustry’s random t-shirts

Humanindustry’s random t-shirts for Fallout 4. This mod adds 4 variants of the vanilla undershirt and jeans, found the vanilla textures pretty boring and wanted some variety. Also adds another 7 outfits with some different prints on the t-shirt, mainly taken from in game files that I found weird enough …

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Fallout 4 – Demon hunter outfit

Demon hunter outfit for Fallout 4. To get it open console and type in: player.additem 9f252 1 This is a replacer. I have no intents on improving this or modifying it anymore. The armor is not attached to the coat, you may use what ever you want with it or …

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Fallout 4 – AQS Caps and Masks

AQS Caps and Masks for Fallout 4. Caps and Masks, by AlanQSmithee v.1 REQUIRES CRAFTING WORKBENCHES This mod adds six new hats and six bandanas, all craftable, with unique textures and normal maps. They fit men, women and (in the case of the bandanas) dogs alike. The hats are based …

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Fallout 4 – Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc.

Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc. for Fallout 4. Nuka-Cola, the creators of the Worlds Greatest Soft Drink, pulled together some talented Fashionistas, Scientists and Radiation Specialists in 2076, to bring you a new line of eye-wear for you to glow in the Commonwealth. In the unforeseen event of *ahem* Total Atomic Annihilation, …

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Fallout 4 – CROSS Uni Scarf

CROSS Uni Scarf for Fallout 4. After 200 years of research and development the world is finally ready for the ultimate head/neck/shoulder ornament. All the warmth you could ever ask for all packed into a single, easily modded, neck-based garment. The Uni Scarf can be built into over 400 possible …

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