Cities: Skylines – Silver Birch 2

Silver Birch 2 for Cities: Skylines Knowing that I was going on a trip to Europe, I knew this tree was coming. Introducing Silver Birch 2.0 made with authentic textures straight from the countryside right outside Tampere, Finland. This is my second attempt at the Silver Birch tree. Seeing them …

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Cities: Skylines – Ornamental Pear Tree

Ornamental Pear Tree for Cities: Skylines Introducing a 3 piece set of Spring bloom Ornamental Pear trees based on the “Callery Pear” species. A mature version and 2 young versions. The 2nd young version have less flowers with darker leaves. These particular trees are generic since they do not represent …

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Cities Skylines – Coast Redwoods

Coast Redwood by MrMaison Introducing the tallest trees in the world. Coast Redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens). This is a 4 piece set. 3 large Redwood tree variations at different heights. The tallest goes up to 346 feet (52.9 meters). I also added a young version that grows 16 to 25 …

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