Cities: Skylines – Air-Supported Sports Park

Air-Supported Sports Park for Cities: Skylines Hi community, cheaper than a solid hall, faster and easier to constuct. Even the costs of maintenance are comfortable. In addition, air domes look kinda nice. The “heart” of an air dome asset is obviously the hull texture. I’ve already made another version that …

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Cities: Skylines – Tennis Clubhouse

Tennis Clubhouse for Cities: Skylines Tennis Clubhouse by vilgard92 Welcome to the tennis clubhouse ! Your residents will love to come and play tennis in this club with its covered and outdoor courts illuminated at night, and its terrace restaurant which offers a view of all the courts. The covered …

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Cities: Skylines – Parking Lot

Parking Lot for Cities: Skylines If you are looking for a simple parking lot, here you go! This is the first asset I made, just a parking lot, is a 2 by 3 lot under the parks seccion. And that’s all about it! Enjoy. I’ll try to make more parking …

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Cities: Skylines – Austrian Vineyard Heuriger Müller

Austrian Vineyard Heuriger Müller for Cities: Skylines Update – fixed balcony thanks to SvenBerlin!, new windows, worked illumination map- *All images except update comparison show pre-update building. It had white showing on its balcony. Looks much better now. Heuriger is the name given to a tavern in Eastern Austria, where …

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Cities: Skylines – City Hall Plaza

City Hall Plaza for Cities: Skylines A large quick easy park with tiles to plop. No decals, trees or other props included other than lights, tables, benches, and crowd gathering markers. Also includes pedestrians paths. Empty area in the middle that you can customize or place a building. The lot …

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