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Cities: Skylines – SHIMMNS Trailer Pack

SHIMMNS Trailer Pack for Cities: Skylines Coil-transport trailer of type SHIMMNS with telescope-style cover. Measurements, Specifications and Load-Limits are taken from the official Cargo-Trailer-Catalogue from the “DeutscheBahn”-Homepage. Decals have individual placement on every design....

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Cities: Skylines – K210 Office

K210 Office for Cities: Skylines Cologne is somewhat (in)famous for its maybe not necessarily ugly, but arguably lackluster, uninspired and sometimes downright weird post-war architecture. This building and my others like it may well...

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Cities: Skylines – Turf Vision

ターフビジョン_Turf Vision for Cities: Skylines ■ Overview (Overview) This is Aurora Vision installed at JRA Tokyo Racecourse. It is registered with Guinness in the world’s largest 11.2m × 66.4m = 743.7m 2 that boasts...