Cities: Skylines – State of Jefferson

State of Jefferson for Cities: Skylines Hey you! Leave a like and a favorite if you enjoy what you see! From Wikipedia “The State of Jefferson is a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and northern California, where several attempts to separate …

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Cities: Skylines – Tel Aviv by Mr Miyagi

Tel Aviv by Mr Miyagi for Cities: Skylines Everything in the pictures except vehicles and buildings is included in your map! Decorated beaches, cliffs, intersections… Project time span: 1 year * 4x Highway * 4x Rail * 4x Shipping * 4x Air * Real life map (Ayalon Hwy intersections, rail …

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Cities: Skylines – Circle Archipelago

Circle Archipelago for Cities: Skylines Circle Archipelago…… Or perhaps Utopia. I know there are these kinds of maps already, but i had to create my own. This has a gentle stream in the water (if im not mistaken, because i simulated it not that long but i put 2 watersources …

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Cities: Skylines – Reynolds Harbour (Vanilla)

Reynolds Harbour (Vanilla) for Cities: Skylines INTRODUCTION Welcome to Reynolds Harbour, this is my 5th map and managed to keep it vanilla. No back story for this map, just a fictional city location somewhere in North-America, Europe or wherever you like. I’m really happy with how it turned out and …

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Cities: Skylines – Duck Island

Duck Island for Cities: Skylines My first original map, REQUIRES network extention 2!!!!! The heighmap was taken from somewere on the east coast of Canada but I added the river and heavily modifed the terrain. I reccomend to play with 25 tiles (81 should also play fine) so you can …

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Cities: Skylines – Gaia Map

Gaia for Cities: Skylines Requirements and Recommendations: You can find all used assets in the above collection (LINK) and subscribe to them with one click. On the right, you’ll only find the very essentials. No shrubs, no custom bridges, but enough for a playable and decent looking map. I’ve used …

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