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Cities: Skylines – 1920s American Highrise

1920s American Highrise for Cities: Skylines Meant to look like a generic 1920s highrise that you’d find in pretty much any North American city 4×2 corner office L3 growable 10030 tris 1024×2048 textures diffuse, color, spec, illumination and normal maps custom LOD 36 tris LOD baked 256×256 textures custom foundation …

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Cities: Skylines – Air-Supported Sports Park

Air-Supported Sports Park for Cities: Skylines Hi community, cheaper than a solid hall, faster and easier to constuct. Even the costs of maintenance are comfortable. In addition, air domes look kinda nice. The “heart” of an air dome asset is obviously the hull texture. I’ve already made another version that …

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Cities: Skylines – Stonecutters Bridge, 1:1 HK

Stonecutters Bridge, 1:1 HK for Cities: Skylines Stonecutters Bridge Kit This is a draggable network based 1:1 recreation of the Sonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong. Its a six lane highway with 3 lanes on both sides. The bridge stays visible from almost all angles. –Real life Info– finished: 2009 Height: …

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