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Bulleid Pacifics Transport Fever 2

In 1940, there was a war on, and the Southern Railway was looking into producing a new high speed locomotive for commuter services into London??!??

It probably made sense at the time. So the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Southern Railway, O. V. S. Bulleid, designed a large pacific locomotive capable of hauling the large commuter trains at 100mph.

This was the Merchant Navy Class, and left the shops in 1941. Bulleid decided to ‘streamline’ the locomotives, but he didn’t like that word so it became known as
Air Smoothed Casing, and in short looked like a can of Spam.

As time passed, Bulleid was made aware that these engines were just absolute units and couldn’t run on the whole network. In 1945, this was resolved by the appearance of the West Country and Battle of Britain class, which were basically identical to the Merchant Navys, but a bit lighter.

Then BR took over, realised the Air Smoothed casing and chain valve gear was bunkum, and rebuilt the engines (they kinda looked like small Britannias).

Then like 70 years later some jumped up British guy in his pyjamas released this mod.

This mod contains
SR Merchant Navy Class — (Old Casing) – (SR Green)
SR Merchant Navy Class — (Old casing) – (Golden Arrow)
SR West Country Class — (SR Green)
SR West Country Class — (Golden Arrow)
SR Battle of Britain Class — (Transitional Green)
BR Battle of Britain Class — (BR Green)
BR West Country Class — (Rebuilt) – (BR Green)
BR Merchant Navy Class — (New Casing) – (BR Blue)
BR Merchant Navy Class — (Rebuilt) – (BR Blue)

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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