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As you have probably experienced many times, building streets, tracks, stations and other objects can be very annoying if there are constant collision warnings in a densely built-up area. For assets/constructions, this can be bypassed using “skipCollision=true“, so you can build despite the collision (but don’t get any feedback anymore). For streets/tracks this was not possible until now.

Now it is! With Build with collision almost all problems that occur when building streets, tracks and constructions (collision, too much slope, too much curvature) can be ignored.

  • For streets and tracks it should be intuitive. The field appears as with Track/Street Builder Info and stays there (i.e. at the screen position and not at a location on the map). As long as the build suggestion remains displayed, you can click Build Anyway. Eventually with collisions and unwanted snapping, you have to work with the “new shift key” (default: C)
  • With constructions/assets it gets a bit more fiddly, because the mouse is always at the building point.


  1. hold down right click
  2. navigate to the field
  3. release right click
  4. press button with left click

With upgrades (streets/tracks) it gets more complicated, you can’t move the mouse somewhere else without the building proposal disappearing. You have to “catch” the button and stay on the object to be upgraded at the same time. Therefore, the button is closer to the mouse position here.

This opens up completely new possibilities for Schönbau. In addition, you don’t have to turn off collision or change track parameters, you can still detect problems, but allow them specifically. On the other hand, you are then responsible for the collisions on overlapping traffic lanes.

With this, tracks on streets, streets on airports and many other ideas are possible.
Therefore, it would be great if other modders would develop special streets/tracks for this!
So e.g. invisible streets, streets with placeholder areas for streetcar tracks, tracks lowered to street level, …

Credits: VacuumTube

Download Link #1

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