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British Traction Engine Transport Fever 2

Now you too can hold up traffic with a Traction Engine!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being stuck behind a procession of these things, you’re not missing much.

In the late 19th C., steam technology was making its way onto the roads (actually, steam road vehicles date back to 1801 but let’s not get too excited). Large portable steam engines were already in production and use agriculturally by 1850, however they were being pulled around by horses (what why).

Later on, they figured out how to make the wheels turn by steam power, and then they had what was essentially a steam tractor. Some of these made their way onto the roads hauling goods and raw materials, albeit not very quickly.

This isn’t a train, are you ok?
I’m good, thanks. I have wanted to make a traction engine for ages now, but never had the confidence to go for it. With the learning of new techniques (that I should have learned back in TpF1 days), I can finally get a bit more creative with what I make.

So what’s in this mod then
In this mod you get:
1 Traction Engine model
7 variants pulling Vanilla wagons
Full colouring/dirt rust
Custom sound effects

If anyone wants to use this locomotive in their modds, feel free. I can see many uses for it.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

Download Link #1

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