Transport Fever 2Wagons

British Rail Mk 2A Coaches V2 (Western Region) Transport Fever 2

This mod comprises an additional livery for Plane Simple’s BR Mk 2a coaching stock. There are a number of required files for this mod to work correctly:

1. BR Mk 2a Coaches – Plane Simple
2. Mesh Labels – Yung Lenin

Having seen an advert for Graham Farish’s Cornish Riviera set, I already had the Class 42 and was only lacking the coaches. Historically, the Cornish Riviera express ran with a mixture of Mk2a and Mk1 stock, but for simplicity – and the fact that the Mk2a has 4K textures – I’ve used all Mk2a vehicles for this mod.

Included is a set of BR (Western Region) chocolate and cream carriages with correct gold-coloured WR dynamic numbers from the correct ranges, period lettering on coach ends and body sides, and a custom restaurant/buffet car. The RBR was based on the BSK and has exterior window arrangements as closely aligned as possible with those of the actual vehicle. The interior however remains standard.

The set comprises:

BFK – Converted from the original BSK with the aid of some window stickers.
BFK (Rev) – As above, facing the other way.
FK – Straightforward retexture from original model.
FO – Converted from TSO with more window stickers. Also made this one No Smoking as it’s open seating.
RBR – Visual conversion from the original BSK (external only).
TSO – Retexture as FK.

There is a multiple unit configuration file for a rake of coaches that can be added to a (Western Region) locomotive of your choice.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Quince99

Download Link #1

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