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British Rail Class 59 Transport Fever 2

The Class 59 is the first locomotive built by EMD for British Rail. Only 15 were produced, but they were very influential. They were the first foreign locos to run in Britain and they were the precursor to the Class 66. They have wheel creep control, which gives them nearly double the tractive effort of a Class 56. They are all still in service.

The model is available from 1986. It’s the genuine article, not just a Class 66 in Class 59 liveries. Every loco in the class is modelled, 59003 more than once.

All liveries
Dirt and rust
Custom audio: the sound files can be found.
Each loco is also available as a track asset.

Max speed: 96 km/h. (59/2: 120 km/h).
Power: 2460 kw (3300 hp).
Tractive effort: 540 kN.

Credits: tankslapper

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