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BR 120 Transport Fever 2

The class 120 series, a legend of three-phase technology.
It is the world’s first series-produced three-phase locomotive in the high-performance range.
The first ICE power car was developed based on this technology.

Technical data:
Top Speed: 200 km/h
Power: 5600 kW
Tractive effort: 340 kN

Included variants:
red/beige (1979-1992)
red/beige header loco(1979-1992)
traffic red (1989-2020), dyeable
traffic red header loco(1989-2020), dyeable
DB System technology (2005-2020)
ZDF Express (1997-2020)
175 years of railways (2010-2020)
Advertising loco Baden-Wuerttemberg (2000-2020)

Credits: MSBasti

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