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Bonus Resource Improvements Civ 6

Bonus Resources live up to their name: This mod adds a unique bonus to every bonus resource which it provides to any city having a tile with it. These bonuses include a total of 5 new improvements as well as major mechanical changes to how you will plan your cities.

Supports Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, Wetlands, Latin American Resources, and Sukritact’s Resources with unique bonuses to resources added by those mods (CIVITAS Resources does not add any bonus resources). Resourceful 2 is supported, its resources will be grouped under existing bonuses, however.

I know I said Urban Complexity was complete, so consider this the encore. I had halted development due to the memory leak bug because originally I wanted a new improvement and non-improvement bonus for every bonus resource. However, I have decided to release what I already have created, cutting it down to one overall boon per resource. While not originally intended, I think this resulted in a more polished mod design that adds meaningful changes to city planning instead of just bloat.


  • A unique bonus for every Bonus Resource, all requiring a certain Technology as well as actually improving the resource.
  • 4 tile improvements added: Brewery, Caravanserai (requires another mod), Clothier, Paddy Field, Swidden (see below for details).
  • Fisheries are now a regular improvement. Liang receives a replacement promotion for Aquaculture based on old promotions she used to have in Rise & Fall.
  • New improvements provide adjacency bonuses to a variety of districts.
  • Some bonuses of these improvements also require the presence of the unlocking resource to continue functioning, to avoid exploiting tile swapping too much.
  • Focus on mechanical changes over yield bloat.

Resource groups with Resourceful:

  • Bananas bonus also granted by: Aloe, Rubber, Tomato
  • Cattle bonus also granted by: Ham, Oxen
  • Copper bonus also granted by: Lead, Quartz, Tin
  • Crabs bonus also granted by: Algae, Mussels, Seashells
  • Deer bonus also granted by: Medicinal Herbs, Oak, Pine
  • Fish bonus also granted by: Cod, Mackerel, Salmon
  • Stone bonus also granted by: Granite, Limestone
  • Wheat bonus also granted by: Barley, Sorghum
  • Maize bonus also granted by: Berries, Maize, Mushrooms
  • Camels bonus also granted by: Dates

Required DLC:
Gathering Storm

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: JNR

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