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Bombardier Bi-level Coach Transport Fever 2

The Bombardier BiLevel Coach is a bilevel passenger railcar currently built by Alstom Transport, previously by Bombardier Transportation, Hawker Siddeley Canada, the Canadian Car and Foundry (Can Car) and the UTDC. They are designed to carry up to 360 passengers for commuter railways. These carriages are easily identifiable: they are double-decked and are shaped like elongated octagons.

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Cal Train

Max Speed : 150 km/h
Capacity : 103
Emission : 59
Weight : 50t
Build date : 1976, 1993, 2013
Lifespan : 50 years
Price : $9.554.490
Maint/year : $1.592.415

Credits: Dadang Ngegame

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