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Berliner Busse (VDL) Transport Fever 2

Berliner Busse (VDL) mod for Transport Fever 2.

In 2012, BVG tested 2 new VDLs in their fleet and decided to have them produced in series, so in 2015 the first series vehicles were put on the track. They listened to the numbers 2325-2364. The second series continued with 2365-2434. In 2018, the leasing vehicles 2436-2495 were added, which were also supposed to become BVG series vehicles, but which BVG did not accept and were therefore not delivered because after the second series of deliveries, BVG discovered that the VDL did not have the right buses for Berlin his. However, in order to be able to tender new buses, they had to accept the buses from VDL and were leased.

While the second series was still being delivered, car 2386 suffered a loss of license plate number as a result of a traffic accident and was renumbered 2435. The first VDL, which was badly damaged as a result of a traffic accident, was also retired in 2019. It was the 2339, which was also refurbished and sold. The pre-production vehicles were also taken out of service and sold.

In this pack, some cars have been implemented from the series deliveries. i.a.

2335 housing cooperatives BBG Band
2344 CineStar tape
2355 Britzer Garten TrafficBoard + BVG self-advertising rear
2362 Housing Cooperatives 100 Years of GeWoBau Band
2368 Ertman Möbelhaus Heck
2371 Spreewaldtherme Band
2373 Office Furniture-Müller Band
2398 Berolina Band car dealership
2400 Maximilansquartier Band
2407 Johanniter Tegel Band
2419 Senior Citizens’ Residence Wilmersdorf Band
2420 East Side Mall Band
2433 perfecta window tape

Currently the displays are still orange and signs are only a two-digit line number, this should be adjusted at the next opportunity.

Credits: Ibis Citea

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