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Berliner Busse (C2) Transport Fever 2

Berliner Busse (C2) mod for Transport Fever 2.

In addition to new electric buses, BVG also ordered new single-deckers and articulated buses in 2018. The tender was won by Mercedes-Benz. Already in 2018 the first C2s were delivered and listened to the numbers 1000 and 4785. (From now on I will only refer to the monoplanes, as they are relevant here in the pack). After 1000 were tested at the depot Cicero road in detail, came also make 1001-1047 the delivery completely new driving school buses came up with the numbers 1048 and 1049.

In another delivery came the next C2s in 2019, this time not quite as many, but with horns. The car 1063-1085 were now on the way to the depot Cicero road and the depot Lichtenberg.

The next delivery series followed, and the EN20 were used at the Spandau depot for the first Time, they listened to the numbers 1100-1109. However, the deliveries were this time different, so 1110-1119 came to Cicero street, 1120-1129, according to Lichtenberg, 1130-1137 to Spandau, 1138-1148 to Cicero road and 1149-1156 to Lichtenberg.

Currently the EN21 are delivered, they have again the older BVG seat pattern and a turn-off assistant, but these were not available at the time of the Repaintpack, which is why I only accepted the EN18, EN19 and EN20 in this repaintpack.

But now to the content.
Included are some repaints, among others

1000 ad-free
1001 Schlagerradio Heck
1004 UCI track edge tracks traffic Board
1013 FOM College Rear + Trafficboard
1024 Housing Cooperatives BBG Band
1025 Housing cooperatives EWG Band
1033 Office Furniture-Müller Band
1043 Plants-Kölle Vollwerbung
1046 Sport metropolis Berlin TrafficBoard + Verdi Heck
1068 Berlifood Rear
1111 ad-free

Required Mod:
Mercedes-Benz Citaro C2

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Credits: Ibis Citea, Dadang Ngegame

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