Banished – Unlimited Mines and Quarries V1.0.4B

Unlimited Mines and Quarries mod for Banished.

Removes quarry and mine limits to get rid of those unusable landscapes.
Only new games will have subscribed mods enabled.
For existing files you have to load the save game -> pause -> mods -> activate this one.

This mod is compatible with any other mod besides the new colonial charter versions.
Try to place this mod above others in the load order if its not working.

Download with Steam Workshop.

How To Install Banished Mods ?

Copy the mod file (.pkm) into the WinData folder located in the game home directory. Start Banished and open Mods. Activate the mod you have installed.

Install Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Banished\WinData

You can use this mod with other mods.

Credits: Farago

Download Banished – Unlimited Mines and Quarries V1.0.4B -


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