Banished – Smaller Vendor Buildings V7

Smaller Vendor Buildings for Banished.

This mod includes three new Vendor buildings, smaller than the Market, called Hardware Store, General Store, and Farm Stand. The newest building in the set, the Hardware Store, doesn’t carry food or medicine. Unlike the market, it also carries a small amount of stone. The General Store and Farm Stand eliminate the production building stock, only keeping goods that citizens use in their homes or on their person. The storage ratios of those items has also been altered from the Market, with the General Store only changing to a higher tool percentage, and the Farm Stand using lower protein, firewood, medicine, and clothing percentages. Also, it should be noted, that these buildings do not in any way affect the requirement of needing a market for nomads to appear.

Statistics of (Market)/Hardware Store/General Store/Farm Stand
Radius (45)/30/30/20; Resulting coverage areas 44%/44%/20% (see screenshot #2 of v5)
Storage Capacity (10k)/6k/5k/2.5k
Storage toolbar button positions: (300)/329/330/331

Download current and past versions (and sometimes a newer beta) directly here:

Code: Elfecutioner
Custom Graphics (v6+): Taken from The Guild 2 Renaissance. All rights belong to Nordic Games GmbH. Non-commercial usage with courtesy of Nordic Games GmbH. Edited for re-use in Banished by RedKetchup.

German translation available here:

Download with Steam Workshop

How To Install Banished Mods ?

Copy the mod file (.pkm) into the WinData folder located in the game home directory. Start Banished and open Mods. Activate the mod you have installed.

Install Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Banished\WinData

You can use this mod with other mods.

Credits: Elfecutioner

Download Banished – Smaller Vendor Buildings V7 -


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