Banished – More Climates

Banished more Climates mod. Siberian, Tropical, Freezing climates.

How To Install Banished Mods ?

Copy the mod file (.pkm) into the WinData folder located in the game home directory. Start Banished and open Mods. Activate the mod you have installed.

Install Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Banished\WinData

You can use this mod with other mods.

This mod contains some more climate presets for you to challenge yourself, or make things easier in Banished! Current climate types include:
Freezing – A super cold climate, only goes above freezing at the height of summer. Makes growing crops impossible and clothing absolutely necessary
Perfect – 80 degrees all day every day. Rains a moderate amount of time, just enough to keep your crop yield enormous!
Siberian – 50 below in the winters, 100 in the summers. A true test of your city management. Rapid temperature change!
Tropical – A fairly hot climate, temperatures range from 75 to 100 degrees, with a rainy season. The spring rains a lot, whereas there is almost no rain the rest of the year.

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Credits: EyeOftheHawks

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