Banished – Busy Laborers V2

Busy Laborers mod for Banished.

The Busy Laborers mod allow your citizens to collect wild foods and medicinal herbs directly on the map.

New in version 2.0:

– Adding of a new tool/button that allows you to ask your citizens to collect both stone and iron in a specific area.
– You can now collect the “Ancient mushrooms” and “Ancient roots” that grows under the “Old pines” of the “Beautiful World” and “Old Growth Forests” mods with the “Collect wild foods” tool/button.

Download with Steam Workshop

How To Install Banished Mods ?

Copy the mod file (.pkm) into the WinData folder located in the game home directory. Start Banished and open Mods. Activate the mod you have installed.

Install Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Banished\WinData

You can use this mod with other mods.

Credits: Darkbibou

Download Banished – Busy Laborers V2 -


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