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Baldwin RF-16 Sharknose Transport Fever 2

The Baldwin RF-16 was a 1,600-horsepower cab unit-type diesel locomotive built for freight service by the Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1950 and 1953. All RF-16s were configured with a B-B wheel arrangement and ran on two AAR Type B two-axle road trucks, with all axles powered. A total of 109 cab-equipped A units were built, along with 51 cabless booster B units, for a total of 160 locomotives built. As was the case with most passenger locomotives of its day, the RF-16s came equipped with a retractable, nose-mounted drop coupler pilot. Unlike competing units from EMD and Alco, the RF-16 used an air-powered throttle, meaning that it could not be run in MU operation with EMD or Alco diesels without special MU equipment.

This mod includes 2 reskins:

-NYC Lightning Stripe

NYC skin includes B unit.

Max speed: 65mph
HP: 1600
From 1950 for NYC and 1972 for D&H

Included is a full reskin kit, a PRR and B&O Expansion pack will come in due time.

I also credit Control Point Simulations for diagrams and reference.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Logyn

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