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Auto Rename: Stations & Industries Transport Fever 2

Use this mod to automatically rename all relevant stations and industries on the map when you rename a town.

When you rename a town, the mod will search through all of the entities on the map looking for occurrences of the old town name. For each one it finds, it will substitute the new town name for the old and rename the relevant object.

For example, if you rename Winchester to Salisbury, then the train station formerly named Winchester Sidings will be renamed to Salisbury Sidings, and the forest formerly known as Winchester Forest will now be called Salisbury Forest.

You can optionally choose to have the mod do the same search over your transport lines, so that the route “Winchester – Gloucester Bus” will be renamed “Salisbury – Gloucester Bus”

Please note that the mod will not work properly if the new name is a sub-string of the old name. If you want to do this, first rename the town to something completely different, the rename it to the name you’re actually looking for.
For example, if you want to rename North Vancouver to Vancouver, first rename it to Kelowna. Once you see the name Kelowna appear on the map, rename it to Vancouver.

The mod has two load time options. First, you can choose to log its activity to stdout.txt. Second, you can choose whether or not it will rename transport lines. You may find this helpful if you use complete town names in your transport line names. If you do not, then you might as well save yourself a few cpu cycles and turn the option off.

The mod can be safely added to or removed from a saved game. It doesn’t do anything unless you actually rename a town.

v1.1 – modified to correctly deal with hyphenated names.
v1.2 – eliminated global variable declaration.
v1.3 – fixed crash on deletion of towns.

Credits: doug

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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