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Mafia 3 – Beta Mod

Beta mod for Mafia 3. This mod replace the current Empire Bay map with the beta map of Empire Bay in 1948. Installation: Simply replace the “pc” folder in your Mafia II directory with...

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Minecraft – Thirst for Jumping Map

Thirst for Jumping Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0 The levels on this map are really hard! All jumps are possible! This map can be completed in 20-40 minutes. We hope you like this...

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Minecraft – Peaceful Mob Parkour Map

Peaceful Mob Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0 Peacful Mob Parkour is multi-player compatible parkour map that has 6 different peaceful mobs including the ocelot, parrot, mule, pig, sheep, and the unicorn which...