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Arriva North West Dennis Dart EL2000 Pack Transport Fever 2

Said Arriva are;

M219 AKB – Cotswald Stone (Ads, Nose Logo) 1995 – 2010
M239 CKA – Cotswald Stone (No Nose Logo) 1995 – 2010
M264 CKA – Interurban 2007 – 2010

Due to model inaccuracies, there are some livery issues, this cannot be helped.
As some people may have noticed, as with real life, there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to Arriva liveries on the workshop, such as the shade of blue etc. These are the closest looking colours I could get for the three EL2000s in question, they will not necessarily match up with liveries on vehicles such as the ECW Olympian, Volvo 5000 and Plaxton Centro.

Finally. The capacity has been upped to 35 as per the real thing (8.5m Version)

Credits: HexAyed

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