BridgeTransport Fever 2

Animated Moveable Bridges Transport Fever 2

Realised as depot with invisible connections. Incoming trains trigger the animation to connect rail also visibly.
In reality it might work a bit different, but that is what the game rules allow (that I know of). Who cares.. its fun!


  • Bridges with animations. Functional.
  • 3x bascule bridges
  • 4x vertical-lift-bridges (2x ritknat bridges and 1x recoloring by themeatballhero. ty)
  • 1x retractable(/thrust) bridge
  • 1x swing bridge
  • testing “SciFi Holographic”-bridge^^ (in progress)


  • animations and signals with warning lights
  • different types and lengths (several more types will follow *folding bridges..)
  • unlike reality: electrified (optional)
  • UPDATE! speed limits can now be set
  • available from 1900
  • collision off
  • category rail > buildings > “track construction” (and in “depots”..)

Credits: [3.19]Icemaster, ritknat, themeatballhero

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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