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Repaints of the default E60 model into Amtrak and New Jersey Transit liveries.

The E60CH/CP was intended to be GE’s high-speed passenger electric for Amtrak. However, the truck design was not suited for high speeds and was the cause of a derailment. The units had reliability issues, but they could easily pull heavy long trains.
The E60CHs were delivered to Amtrak in 1974 with HEP, while the E60CPs were equipped with steam generators. Amtrak later sold 10 of the CHs to NJT, and rebuilt the remaining units as E60MAs.

These locomotives lacked the capabilty to operate in multiple units, which also meant they could not run in push-pull operation.

This mod includes:
Amtrak E60CH (Phase II)
Amtrak E60MA (Phase III)
NJT E60CH (Amtrak Patch)

Amfleet I Coaches (Phases I & II)
Amfleet I Cafe cars (Phases I & II)

Update Dec 8 2020:
-Fixed the eatglobal related crashing upon loading a game

Update Jan 9 2021:
-Amfleet doors were missing normal map

Credits: MrCheesecake

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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