Age Of Empires 3

Age Of Empires 3 – The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire mod for Age Of Empires III.

What the mod includes:
-New building & architectural set
-Brand new units
-Work on existing units
-New Portrait & icons
-New homecity cards
-New gameplay (such as; Janissaries’re produced faster by aging up so you may focus on other units, Timarli Sipahi system as you need to build farm to have them and you can rise Cebelus, Turkmen Migration to produce settlers faster, new source as tax where you gather automatically from your lands to hire mercenaries, fortified walls to make game more challenging, looting coins when you attack to your enemy, etc.)
-Totally ”replacetexture” bug free

This mod requires a clean install of Age of Empires III: TAD with the latest patch (Patch 1.03).
It doesn’t come with an installer and it unfortunately doesn’t work with other big mods (although some mods are applying some part of my mod such as WoL, NE)
You simply need to paste the files to your orginal AoE III folder play it.
You can use SPC Modloader and create a folder in your gaming folder such as; X:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\The Ottoman Empire
However, new sound files should be in the original game folder as modloader doesn’t read them from the mod folder.

Credits: PredatoR_TR

File Details:123 MB / RAR
Download Link #1


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