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Advanced Statistics Transport Fever 2

This mod will show you additional statistics and extensive information in the game.
It can be added/removed every time.

Did you ever wanted to know…

  • How long you played on a savegame (real/game time)?
  • More summarized information about towns (Reachability, Cargo Supply)?
  • More summarized information about industries (Levels, Production)?
  • How many persons there are really simulated?
  • Which people are walking, driving or using lines?
  • For how long people have been waiting at a station?
  • How much cargo is on its way or waiting at stations?
  • The employment rate of town buildings?
  • How many person capacities there are at a certain area (incl. person magnets)?
  • How many vehicles are waiting or stopped?
  • How long the (player owned) street network is?
  • What percentage of the tracks are electrified?
  • Which track types you used and where?
  • Information about street/track speed, curve radius and slope?
  • How many traffic lights there are in a town?
  • How many trees there are on the map?
  • How many additional street/track/bridge types, models, etc. there are with mods?
  • Financial total statistics?


The statistics are contained in a window that is displayed at startup.
They are read from the game sorted by entity types, evaluated and displayed in a tabwidget. Additionally there is general information about the game and application.

For each tab/datatype, a short info can be displayed in the game bar. A click opens the corresponding tab directly. In addition, there is a button in the game bar on the far right to open the window.

Eventually, the mass of information may seem overwhelming at first. I tried to present all relevant and interesting data as compactly and clearly as possible. Nevertheless, you have to deal with it a bit and try it out to understand the different values.
Some elements have tooltips (hold cursor on them) with additional explanations.
For experienced users there is a setting for even more data.


There are 3 ways to specify which items are included in the statistics (for most types):

  • Global – All objects of this type on the whole map
  • View – All objects in the current view (white circle)
  • Radius – All objects in the white circle (radius changeable)

Credits: VacuumTube

Download Link #1

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