BridgeTransport Fever 2

Abutment Script Support Transport Fever 2

A script mod to give abutment support, use with other supported bridge mods.
The “Tracks × Retaining Walls” supports this mod.

Usage (player):
1. Load this mod with the game, if the bridge support this mod, in case that the new bridge is connected a terrain track/street, the abutment will be added automatically after build
2. You can remove this mod at any time, it’s remove safe.

Usage (modder):
1. Create bridges with 4 cases: ordinary without abutment, abutment at the start, abutment at the end, abutment on both extrmities.
2. Create a .lua script file under res/config/game_script, following the example code under res/config/game_script/example.code
3. DON’T COPY abutment.lua in your mod, doing this will lead to conflict.
4. This mod is remove safe, it doesn’t any introduce in a gamesave or other mods, if this mod is not loadded, the game will simple ignore the script above.

Credits: Enzojz

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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