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40 Gondola Car Transport Fever 2

40 Gondola Car Transport mod for Transport Fever 2.

If you’ve been playing like I have and noticed the serious lack of decent gondolas, well I have good news for you, we have some early 1940s gondolas here for you!

Like my pulpwoods, they’re modeled after some childhood toys that went around the christmas tree. They’re generic enough though that you can slap whatever skin you want on there and say, yeah thats accurate. Even Amtrak.

In the 1940s many railroads were switching to heavier duty gondolas and switching to steel. The game displays this as jumping from a wooden gondola straight out of a country western to a modern, highside like gondola. This bothered me a great deal. So here we are, with a new set.


  • PRR
  • VGN
  • UP
  • Southern
  • NYC
  • Bethlehem Steel
  • MILW

Cargo Compatability

  • Steel, with a custom load: 80 Capacity (will probably change to lesser)
  • Grain: 48 Capacity
  • Iron Ore: 48 Capacity
  • Coal: 48 Capacity
  • Construction Materials: 48 Capacity
  • Stone: 48 Capacity

In Game Details

  • Available 1940
  • Ends 2000
  • Top Speed of 75MPH
  • 20 Tonnes (M)
  • Multiple LODs
  • Group Listed
  • Asset versions of waggons are available
  • MC Couplers

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: themeatballhero

Download Link #1

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