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4-8-4T Finsbury Tank (Unbuilt) Transport Fever 2

The tank engine of A.D. 1910’, as conceived by Mr. C. F. Cleaver, of the Finsbury Technical Institute

This BEHEMOTH is a prospective 4-8-4T tank locomotive designed by C. F. Cleaver at the Finsbury Technical Institute.

This drawing was included in a 1905 issue of Railway Magazine, and has fascinated me for years.

I think it’s time it was finally built, 116 years later.

The text in the article of the magazine is talking about suburban tanks. This design is a continuation of the large tank engines in the suburban area from the likes of the LB&SCR, Metropolitan and G&SWR.

They also talk about the ‘inevitable increase of suburban freight’. Thinking face.

Whats in the mod
An absolute unit of a tank engine in 6 different liveries, depicting it as if the design were purchased by the GCR and L&YR. LMS, LNER and BR versions also exist.

This engine was never built so stats were pulled out of my ass but I think they will be nicely balanced.

No colouring on this model, I spent too much time texturing all these variants for someone to just be all like ‘lol yellow’

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: SteveM4

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