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231C Super Pacific Transport Fever 2

The 231 C’s were designed to tow fast and express trains on the Northern network lines and as far as Belgium on the Paris/Brussels line. Capable of exceptional performance, the 231 C quickly earned their nickname “Super Pacific” and handle most of the most prestigious Express trains such as the Flèche d’Or, the Oiseau Bleu, L’Etoile du Nord or L’Orient Express.
Designed by engineer Marc de Caso, the third series of Super Pacific were 4-cylinder compound machines. Compared to the previous series, they benefit from technical improvements such as a wide exhaust, a more efficient boiler and, above all, improved aesthetics.

Delivered north
Like all of Compagnie du Nord’s prestige machines, the Super Pacific proudly sported the yellow netted chocolate livery. No. 3.1280 is the only surviving example.

Sncf v1
When the sncf was founded in 1938, the Super Pacific was renamed 231 C and repainted green. The Y-shaped smoked box door will however remain one of the elements of the “sncf unified” style.

Sncf v2
These machines were little modified afterwards except for the smoke screens which were enlarged.

Particularities of the mod :
3 liveries
High-resolution DDS textures
Dirty and aged texture
3 levels of detail
fully animated connecting rod assembly
Custom sounds

Specifications :
Availability : North 1930; Sncf-v1 1938; Sncf-v2 1946
Power (KW) : 1986
Pulling force (KN): 167
Speed (km/h) : 130
Weight (t): 100.5

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Credits: Alex_Cznv

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