Monthly Archive: June 2017

Hexagon 0

Transport Fever – Hexagon

Hexagon mod for Transport Fever. The Hexagon is a self Driving Multiple Unit. Named after its solar hexagon panels cells neatly placed into the roof. The train require electrified tracks so it can share...

WTC-0813 0

Transport Fever – WTC 0813

WTC 0813 Multiple Unit mod for Transport Fever. futuristic vehicle modding contest 2050, the French, German, Swiss and Russians collaborated together to found a new company: the World Transport Company. Proud of their revolutionary...

the-hyperloop 0

Transport Fever – The Hyperloop

The Hyperloop mod for Transport Fever. For the modding contest “Design the future” in the category “futuristic vehicle”. Adds the Hyperloop capsule. The Hyperloop is a battery powered passenger capsule moving through low pressured...